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High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)

Surfsonix is an Intelligent and Smart Internet Access Solution which comes in two models, Smart Appliance Gateway and Intelligent Cloud Service. Surfsonix NEO is the appliance based solutions where as Surfsonix SiFi is the cloud based solution. These robust and affordable solutions are availbale for both Enterprise, SME and Small Business customers. For more details refer to datasheets.

Surfsonix neo

Surfsonix NEO can be deployed across all the verticals (Hospitality, Healthcare, Enterprise, Education, MICE etc). The system supports up to 65,000 users. This system can be deployed as a standalone solution or cloud based solution in combination with the cloud based Surfsonix SiFi module for customer engagement and WiFi monetization. For more details, please refer to the Surfsonix Neo Datasheets.

Surfsonix sifi

Surfsonix SiFi is the Cloud based Customer Engagement and WiFi Monetization solution which provides smart analytics and in-depth reports revealing exclusive details about the customer behavioral pattern, demographics and interests. This is extremely handy in effectively engaging customers specific to their needs, build use case and customer profiling which helps the venue owner generate ROI.

Facilitates Centralized Management of all venues from single dashboard in real time. Surfsonix SiFi can be deployed as a standalone solution or in combination with the Surfsonix SG & NEO appliances. When deployed in standalone mode then Surfsonix SiFi can easily integrate with any standard WLAN Controller. Surfsonix SiFi is available for both Enterprise and Small Business customers.

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